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Not that it is really interesting ;-), but here is my (i would like)-to do list for the next few months...
since my Muse was absent the last couple of months, i'll just try to force her to come back to me :-)
So here it is - like always fanart (it's the most inspiring thing - for me) in no special order, i'll go as i feel :D

  • Dylan O'Brien - Stiles
  • Tyler Posey - Scott
  • Daniel Sharman - Isaac
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyer - Dracula
  • Dustin Clare - Gannicus
  • Jai Courtney - Varro / Eric
  • Nicholas Hould - himself
  • Henry Cavill - Clark Kent /Superman
  • Tom Welling - 2013 look
  • Daniel Sunjata - Paul Briggs
  • Jason Momoa - Khal Drogo / Wrath
  • Jay Ryan - Vincent
  • Matt Lanter - Roman
  • Charlie Hunnam - Jax Teller
  • Jamie Campbell Bower - Jace Wayland
  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor
  • Sam Witwer - Aidan
  • David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt
  • Hugh Dancy - Will Graham
  • Mads Mikkelsen - Hannibal Lecter
  • Lee Pace - himself

and i'm still looking for the right men for my
"Black Dagger Brotherhood dreamcast" :blush: :bow:

alright, that's it - for now :bye:

  • Mood: Optimism
Hello, this is more a question then a journal...
So here it is to all my friend and watcher. :heart: I'm just curious ;-)

What/who would you like to see next?
Traditonal drawing?
Digital drawing?
TV-Show character?
Book character?
Actor? (but sorry i don't draw women :-))

The thing is, i just draw all the same ones over and over again
and i don't want you to loose interest in my work,
soooo i just ask you :highfive: Let me know, please!!!!

:bye: TomsGG
  • Mood: Joy
Just want to say THANK YOU! :thanks: :heart:

I'm so happy and flattered today, over 90 Favourites in just one day!
WOOOOOOOW that is so great and i'm really happy about it!

That's what every "artist" loves, it's so encouraging and motivating! :D

See yaaa next time with a new drawing! :bye: :heart:
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Does someone know whats going on???

i went through my page-statistic today and just saw
i had a lot of views (more than 2000 in on day) and a lot downloads
of my drawings, but no comments or faves?

why is that....not that i'm not glad about that (it's really flattering)
but i just wonder.

so what is going on? Someone mentioned me somewhere or does my site
get clicked automaticly?

i'm really curious about that :-)

maybe someone know????

Have a nice day!
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You guys rock! My DA-side just reached the 5000th pageview!

Thank you so much for all your kind words and
for sticking with me here!

:heart: you all! :-)
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Wooooooooo one year deviantart.

Thanks for all your support!!!!